Report -Radio Antiseptics-September 2019


Comprehensive, 24/7 streamed broadcast media coverage that puts you in control of your media presence when shaping the perception of your business.  With our service you can ensure you are capturing it.

We monitor 31 Bangladeshi TV Channels, 10 Indian TV Channels  and 16 Radio stations, tracking what is important to you, 24/7 and deliver the most relevant and accurate content.

We tailor your brief, monitor your selection, send you context driven alerts and available for viewing for 30 days.

Whether you are looking for a one off clip, a transcript or to monitor broadcast activity in a fully integrated ongoing campaign, our dedicated support teams will assist in providing you with the service that best suits your needs.

Radio Media Operation

Documentation, Tracking, Checking, & Preserve 24 hours of almost all Bangladeshi Radio Station

Radio storage is available from 2012.

Building a database on advertisement information.

Building a database on news & program information


Reports on Radio Advertisement Details, Summery, Quality Check and analysis

Analysis of Radio Advertisement Coverage, Trend, Qualitative and Competitor.

Reports on radio news & program details, summary, & analysis

Reference advertisement & daily alert, news & program clips,

Synopsis, Translation & transcription of News & Program


TV News




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