Online & Social Media Monitoring

Keep track of online and social media in real time, listen to conversations as they occur, identify how your brand is being talked about and who is influencing those conversations. Chart mainstream, online media coverage side by side with over 100 websites Our search experts will tailor your online &social media monitoring requirements byalerts based on your brief requirements. Identify key trends and topics of conversation and highlight key performing online and social media channels,

 with quick and easy reporting across mainstream and social, use filtering and key metrics.

Online Media

Monitor & preserve online news portal, Blogs & social media.

Online Media storage is available from 2012 (Selected Media)

Building a database on Advertisement Information

Building a database on news Information

Online Media Services

Reference Advertisement, News & Feature Image

Customized news & Advertisement Alert (Daily).

Synopsis & Translation of News & Features

Reports on Online media advertisement details, summary, & analysis.

Report on Online media news details, summary & analysis 


TV News




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