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Media Source Ltd. is a real time service organization having operations in all segments of both print and broadcast media. It was founded in 2010 and today is one of the leading service providers for media monitoring and media analysis, serving you with more than 75 employees at the two locations in Bangladesh (Dhaka and Mymensingh). Our area of operations also cover Software and web designing, as the present world cannot go for even a day without web. Apart from public relations and branding, we maker one’s jobs easier by organizing events, and of course with complete satisfaction. We also welcome everyone to test our expertise in photography and making visual documentary for any purpose … be it business, office or family events.


Also, we boasts of our editing team for translation (from both English to Bengali and Bengali to English) of news, talk-shows or other programs, and writing their synopsis.

Why Media Source Ltd.?

We take pride in our work. We pride ourselves for our outstretched sources, privacy focused, precision and work efficiency in our services to the customers.

Media Source Ltd. excels in providing comprehensive and reliable information keeping in mind your company’s reputation and brand name in the market.

From the large number of channels to various linguistic new papers and editorials, we grab all we can to make it accessible to you.

We retrieve, record, transcribe, translate and deliver what you need. Precision is what we hold as the zenith virtue.

At Media Source Ltd. we follow and track your reputation with highest esteem.

Timely updates and most importantly ease and accessible format of information of your preference is what we offer.


What makes Us Unique?

At Media Source Ltd, we make promises to keep them. We enable our Clients to monitor their reputation in various media forms, television online and print media. In print, we track the various dailies, magazines and periodicals to provide you with what you need. We make this valuable information accessible on time consequently enhancing your business strategies. We create happy customers with a healthy business.



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